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ICT in ACTION project

TEAM: Technology Exchange in Action Motivation project

The annual goal is to promote internationalization and European awareness by giving value to linguistic and cultural diversity through European projects to develop  intercultural skills.

During this school year 2022-23 we are going to work and cooperate with 2 primary schools, one from Sweden and another one from Estonia:

Participating in European projects and mobilities promotes knowledge of the EU in a meaningful, experiential and inclusive way for all students and teachers. Thanks to the participation in the Erasmus+ program, our school has a solid multilingual project that improves the learning and teaching of languages ​​thanks to the cooperation with other schools. For us is essential to maintain participation in European projects so that future generations continue to be aware of Europe.

Carrying out a virtual project with other schools, participating in networks of cooperation and exchange of experiences, as well as mobility and hosting visits from teachers and students contributes to developing the social and intercultural skills of the educational community, making them more tangible. This objective is linked to the multilingual and internationalization project of our school and will be developed throughout the Erasmus+ accreditation.