Spain and Poland proposes 1 painting from 1 painter from their country  

Czech and Greece will recreate the painting using different art techniques which will be decided previously and will send 1 reproduction to every country, so, at the end of the second year we will show them on the erasmus exhibition of works.

Biography: 2 students from Spain and 2 from Finland will meet in a drive document and will work cooperatively in order to write a common biography about each painter of the month.

Every month there will be a painting to reproduce in all countries, where one of the partners will be in charge of creating a game with that painting (puzzle, quiz, etc). Czech will be in charge.

Every partner will play with the game created about the painting of every month.

Create an exhibition by adding students works of the partners paintings using augmented reality.(biography of the painter, real painting, students working on the painting, …).